My life, my work, my passion has forever been fueled by a deep curiousity, a natural instinct to explore, a deep seated propensity for inquiry. I have traveled the world at different chapters in my life as a musican, writer, director, photographer, film maker and seeker of what exists on the back street, inside the tiny village, beyond the 'Do not enter' sign..

Somewhere along the way I began carrying lots of cameras and discovered and perhaps even invented ways of capturing  and interpreting my experiences through the lens. Suddenly every skill I had ever accrued began to merge. Music became the rhythym of editing moving images, curiousity and inquiry became the ability to ask the right question to a subject within a documentary or promotional film. Before very long, every story worth telling was written, photographed, filmed, directed and edited by myself.

Along the way I have met incredible people and have been to places that if not for a camera I would be unable to distinguish what I saw from a dream. some had something very specific to teach, but more often I would learn by virtue of being in the company of someone, something or somewhere that projected a vision and passion that stirred my imagination.

In this way I have come across places I never knew existed. Ideas i had never before formulated, stories that had previouslty never beem told.      

 My website has been designed to inspire and intentionally presents more images and projects then are easy to digest in one view. I am deeply appreciative of creative, intellectual challenge and consider each new project an opportunity to exercise an approach I may never have taken before.

I shoot my photography with the same cameras as my film work. My collection of lenses provides the pallette that allows a wide range of interpetation and variety of looks. I am accomplished not only as a shooter but also as a editor and edit all my own work on Final Cut Pro X. Other capabilities that I integrate into my work are time lapse photography, aerial photography, HDR photography and producing 360 degree VR movies. My greatest production achievements seek to integrate all the above into a single movie.